Welcome to Galerie Tristan Lorenz 

We are passionate about contemporary art and want to share passion by engaging collectors  art lovers and artists through gallery exhibits, curated  shows in public art spaces, art consulting and special events. Our dedication as gallery for contemporary art is to promote art as a way to inspire and enrich our everyday lifes. 

“There  is  no  must  in  art  because  art  is  free.”   Wassily Kandinsky


The Gallery 

The gallery showcases artworks by talented established and emerging artists with diverse styles ranging from classic and representational to abstract and non-objective. In addition to an extensive array of two-dimensional art in oil, acrylic, mixed media, pastel and charcoal, the gallery features three-dimensional art in glass, ceramic, metal and wood.

The mission of of the gallery continues our vision of opening contemporary art  collecting to a broader audience which values art that pushes boundaries. The  gallery's  goal is to offer an inviting forum where new and established collectors, curators and critics can discover emerging talents. The gallery strives to inspire visitors with eclectic exhibitions that foster  connoisseurship. In addition to presenting  many distinctive exhibitions throughout  the year  the gallery also provides art rental, art consultation services, collection management and artwork installation.